About Us

BBT-Materials Processing Ltd. is a small private technological institution dedicated to development and supply of high performance IR polarization optics and Acousto-Optical components for a wide range of applications.

The company is a worldwide leader in crystal growth and processing of high purity Calomel crystals for infrared optics. The unique properties of this optical material make it a great candidate for manufacturing of different types of IR polarization components such as polarizers, wave plates, optical isolators, and others.

Besides IR optics, BBT is also active in the field of Acousto-Optical devices and hyperspectral imaging systems. Thanks to Calomel’s exceptionally high figure of merit M2, the material is suitable for building special AO units, targeting particularly the LWIR region, where no other competitive material is available.

As a long-term (since 1969) participant in several different R&D space activities, BBT represents a skilled and experienced partner in the field of primary and applied research in space and microgravity conditions using the unique optical material of Calomel.


TITUS space facility with German astronauts Hans-Dieter Schlegel and Reinhold Ewald

CSK-1C furnace with astronauts Pedro Duque (Spain) and Ulf Merbold (Germany)

CSK-1C space furnace – German astronaut Klaus-Pieter Flade (Project MIR’92, Photo DLR, Germany)

  • 2016: Study of Calomel AOTF
  • 2014: First large Calomel crystal was grown (35mm diameter)
  • 2014: First Calomel infrared polarizers (MIR and LWIR region)
  • 2012: Calomel qualified for use in space environment
  • 2008: Beginning of continuous cooperation with ESA in the field of infrared optics and acousto-optics
  • 2008: New crystal growth and processing facility installed / Entry of new shareholder (Fastlite-FR)
  • 2001-2005: Advanced TITUS – multi-purpose platform – developed for ISS.
  • 2001Termination of MIR (CSK furnace 17 years and TITUS crystallizer 6 years non-stop on board MIR)
  • 1995-2001: Material space experiments on board MIR using TITUS crystallizer
  • 1995: BBT-Materials Processing Ltd. company was established
  • 1992-1995: Material space experiments on board MIR using CSK-1C furnace
  • 1991: “Čestmír Barta, BBT – Materials Processing, Crystal Science and Technology institute” established by Čestmír Barta jr.
  • 1976-1988: Material space experiments on board Salyut 6 – Sojuz and MIR (within Inst. of Physics, CAS)
  • 1969 – Discovery of Calomel as an optical material by Čestmír Barta sen.


  • To offer high quality and high performance infrared polarization components and AO components for spectroscopy and optical systems, research and scientific teams, chemistry and industry manufacturers and others worldwide.
  • To continuously develop and offer new products to enable new solutions for customers and applications.


  • To become a stable market supplier of unique optical components with high performance properties in MWIR and LWIR polarization optics.
  • To apply innovative calomel products in space applications.
  • To build a first LWIR hyperspectral imager based on Calomel AOTF for the exploration of Earth (and other planets) from Space.



Founder and CEO of the BBT – Materials Processing. Project leader of number of scientific and technological projects in the field of crystal growth, material sciences in space and development of high-tech space related facilities (for ESA, DLR MUSC, CNES, Energija – for MIR and ISS).


Senior research fellow and project manager in BBT. Ten years of experience in the field of crystal growth and materials processing technologies. Active in IR optics and acousto-optical components development. Long term cooperation with ESA and other scientific institutions.